The World of Wars

3500 Years into the future, the world has gone into a drastic war against eachother. The Continents have split up from Global warming, while the standard countries are no longer around. With new names, new technology, and new Critiria, it is anyones race
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 D.R.O Offers Allies with Arcadia

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PostSubject: D.R.O Offers Allies with Arcadia   Sat Nov 01, 2008 2:37 pm

With my new-formed alliances with the F.W.E, and you, we could all be one big alliance. We could take out the strongest situationwise, Brittianna. Since they have the smartest and most logical people currently. In return for your alliance, I would send my troops to border your important costal places, along with many alchemists for new poisions and medicines which could only be found in the Amazon. In return all I ask for is peace, not to attack me, and some strenght over my Airship fleets. If you accept, please sign below.


and initials here x____
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D.R.O Offers Allies with Arcadia
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