The World of Wars

3500 Years into the future, the world has gone into a drastic war against eachother. The Continents have split up from Global warming, while the standard countries are no longer around. With new names, new technology, and new Critiria, it is anyones race
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God Theleo

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PostSubject: technologies   Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:46 pm

your coutnry can only start off with 3 technological Advances

Space Exploration: You are able to shoot rockets into space, and construct spy satilites, and missiles from space.

Jet Propulsion: You are able to create High performance Weapons and vehicles with Jets.

Electro-Magnativity: You are able to create Force Feilds, Weapons, and land units that can use electrical feilds to disable weapons and vehicles alike.

BioChemical Warfare: YOu are able to enhance the chemcials of the earth to produce Inhumane ways of killing.

Nuclear Warfare: You are able to create Such Weapons of Mass Destrucition they are able to blow up entire Cities with just one bomb and cause Nuclear Radiation to destroy the land.

Botanical: Things like poisions, Serums, things like that (Must have a source of Rainforest for Rare Flowers for this to be real effective)

Mutation: YOu Experiment in Mutateing humans and animals alike, to create stronger and more destructive armies.

Telekanisi (Mind Control/Pshycology): You enhance the minds of your soldiers, inorder to create super soldiers, that are able to use their mind at far higher levels then that of a regular being. ((Will come up with more with this later))

More to come later

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Adrian Harkins

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PostSubject: Re: technologies   Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:01 pm

So should i just post here what mine are?

-Jet Propulsion
-Nuclear Wafare
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