The World of Wars

3500 Years into the future, the world has gone into a drastic war against eachother. The Continents have split up from Global warming, while the standard countries are no longer around. With new names, new technology, and new Critiria, it is anyones race
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 The Naval Forces

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PostSubject: The Naval Forces   Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:37 pm

S.S St. MaryThe heaviest and most advanced in weapons. Not used for transportation, but for battle.
S.S IslanderThe fastest of all, but is light on weaponry. Never used for battle, just to get fleets from one place to another.
S.S St. JamesThe average ship. Average on both sides.
S.S Whirlpool IAll Whirlpool Ships are good in small, sneaky weapons and speed.
S.S Whirlpool IILike I, but faster and stronge.r
S.S Whirlpoool IIILike II, but faster and bigger.
S.S Battle InfernoThe hugest of all, and it is so slow. Its disadvantage is that it is mostly hit cause of its bigness and its slowness.
S.S Big Iron- A protection ship to carry people mostly. Its slow, very slow.
S.S Battle-Izer- A big ship, but light on weaponary sorta, and its fast. Though it has the most advanced on cannon technology, lighhtning cannons.
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The Naval Forces
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